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Interior Design Swatch Kit
  • Designed specifically for interior design majors/professionals
  • Contains commercial and residential fabrics swatches
  • Excellent permanent fabric reference
  • Adaptable to any textiles textbook
  • Swatches correspond directly to Textiles for Residential and Commercial Interiors by Willbanks, Oxford and Miller

The swatch kit includes:

  • 1 Inch Binder
  • Mounting Sheets
  • Detailed Master List
  • 84 4" Warp X 3" Filling Swatches including:
    • Commercial and Residential Examples
    • Sustainable Examples
    • Upholstery Fabrics
    • Drapery and Drapery Lining Fabrics
    • Carpet Backings
    • Wall and Panel Fabrics
    • Table/Bath/Bedding Fabrics

Complimentary instructor materials are available with classroom orders of five or more kits.

Instructors may email us to receive a wholesale price list.

*Please make sure you order the correct kit. Swatch kits are not returnable*


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Trim Kit

The Trim Kit contains 12 different trims.The Trim Kit may be added to any textile swatch kit or used alone for trim identification.
* Gimp Braid
* Lip Cord
* Bullion Fringe
* Brushed Fringe
* Ball Fringe
* Beaded Fringe
* Tassel Fringe
* Ribbon Fringe
* Chenille Fringe
* Eyelash Fringe
* Onion Fringe
* Tassel

Instructors may email us for a wholesale price list.

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